Month: November 2021

Least fun part

I am now at the stage of trying to coordinate the logistics of the many purchases included in building your own plane. So far I have ordered the complete quickbuild kit. It should be on the boat any day now. My goal, albeit optimistic(very), is to complete the build in 6 months from when it arrives. Stop laughing. Gotta have goals. So to that end, I need to start ordering the other aspects. Those being,

the engine, propeller and firewall forward kit

the avionics

random parts such as lights

and specialty tools

One of many of the problems trying to plan for this is of course, lead times. Right now there are still covid delays and now there are sea shipping delays. Not even to mention coordinating the massive financial aspect. Full disclosure, the financial aspect, includes timing selling my existing Cirrus sr22 at the correct moment in order to put the proceedings into the new build but minimize my time without a plane.

So to that end, last week, I put my order into the panel builders. And this week I am putting my order in for the engine. I am told that the biggest delay right now is the propeller from New Zealand and that will be 25 weeks. Can’t say I like putting that much money out and not getting something in return for HALF a year !

So,,, wish me luck.