Airventure 2023

Flew my TSI from Virginia to KOSH for the first time. It could not have gone better. It took me and a friend four and a half hours to get there and because of an awesome tailwind it only took us 3 hours to get home. We did 200 knots gs at 15000 with an oxygen concentrator and three pulse oxys meters for redundancy.

We had a great time at Kosh. I was honored to be invited to attend a party Rotax threw, thanks to RS Flight Systems. I also attended an AOPA event for social media influencers, didn’t know I was one, and of course our very own Sling Ding. The man, the myth, the legend Mike Blyth was there and so was Bertus. Getting a chance to talk to them in person was great.

i did encounter some discouraging news. Seems like Sling has no intention of supporting the 916 in the TSI for the foreseeable future. I was told at Kosh that it was just a matter of swapping out the standard grey engine mount for a beefed up black engine mount. And that it would be no problem to mail them out. But now after Kosh it seems they have no interest in supporting a different engine mount either. Being told two different things is,,, confusing.


Flying into Oshkosh I made my first ever video. I used a Drift pro camera cause it has 7 hours of battery time. Which means I don’t have to mess with it while flying. I know lots of people have already shot videos flying in so I decided to do something different. I attached my camera so you can see the underside of the plane. It provides Superior ground visibility. You can see the Fisk Tower / trailer. You can see other planes fairly well on a large screen. And of course it really helps visualize your landing. Please be kind. It’s my first time splicing video and adding music.


  1. Kelley Martin

    Very cool perspective for the video Scott! Also, those speeds are amazing. Congrats on your first video and also first KOSH in the TSi.

  2. Chris Snyder

    Congratulations on making it to Oshkosh! That must have been such a great feeling. It sounds like it’s been a challenging path. I’m in the due diligence stage, contemplating/dreaming of building a Sling. I’m in Richmond, VA and see that your in NOVA? I’m 6’4″ so one aspect I’m determine is how well I would fit. If you are open to it, I’d love to fly up to Leesburg in my motorglider (N321XS) and see your Sling up close. I’d be happy to take you up for a “glider ride” (am CFIG so you can technically log it too). All the best!

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