Month: December 2021

Shipped, ie on the water

Received a call from Jean and Barry, just minutes ago… My plane is floating. It is on a cargo ship, on its way here. Moving at an incredible speed of 7k. So probably another month since it has to stop in a port in Germany first before it crosses the Atlantic to the U.S.

Time to start making my EA1000 table.


I hope the title doesn’t get anyone’s hopes up. I still have not received any shipping updates since the erroneous update a month ago stating mine had already shipped. And now the airplane factory says they will be closed from today, dec 15 until jan 3rd. ( understandable so, but wow. I wish I could take off 3 weeks for christmas) So I won’t be getting any new information anytime soon.

I want to share information that I researched about air freight. Instead of the standard two month long shipping by sea option. I looked into shipping , ( seems like the wrong word when a ship isn’t involved), it by air freight. Air freight would get it to me in 1 week versus 2 months (if I’m lucky) by water. Barry from Torrance sent me the dimensions of the crates that would need to be shipped for the quickbuild,

One box: 45 – 50kg (1581mm x 761mm x 201mm)

Second box: 200 – 220kg (4850 x 1600 x 700mm) 

Third box: 220 – 250kg (6000 x 1400 x 1300mm)

Fourth box: 65 – 75 kg (1261 x 1171 x 681mm)

Per DHL this would cost me $20,0000(usd) wow

Per R&L carriers this would cost me $27,000(usd) really wow !

Soooo,,, despite my complete and total lack of patience… Standard shipping it is. I do believe air freight for a non-quickbuild with much smaller boxes would be much cheaper.

Other random information that I acquired… A shipping container ship can go from the tip of africa to the east coast of the usa in 15-20 days. But most do not. The boat that my container will be on, will most likely go up the coast of africa stop several times along the coast of europe, stop in germany then cross the atlantic. Then it works its way down the east coast from port to port………Soo…. its gonna be awhile, months.

DELAYED shipment and new TSI info

My shipment has been delayed… Turns out the pictures that I received and posted were not of my plane. Despite having paper taped to them with my name.. ??..??.. Apparently that plane is going to some other lucky person. I asked the status of my shipment and was told that mine will be ready this week and put into containers next week and sent to the shipper… And with the given global shipping problems currently happening…. If I am very lucky my container full of plane parts will be on the water this year. (that only being 4 more weeks) So that means it will take me about 3 weeks longer to get it than I previously expected. I understand these things happen, so no biggie. I just hope there are no more delays and when the shipment arrives all the parts are actually all here.

Okay, the interesting stuff,,, in the latest release of the TSI POH they subtlety slipped in a new approved propeller manufacture. They are still using airmaster for the controller and the hub but now they approve of a new propeller from Sensenich. Don’t bother looking for it on their website. I am told it is a proprietary version specifically for the TSI.

Second interesting thing,,, as I found on FB, an individual in New Zealand is working with BRS to fit a BRS chute to the TSI. Apparently, it is significantly smaller and about 7 lbs less. The exact price is still up in the air (pun intended) but all the other aspects sound good to me.

Thirdly, here is another idea that I stole from FB. To create a POH. Simply download the pdf and send it to and they sent me a printed and binded POH. for cheap… like $15. Literally the whole process took less than 10 minutes. I know that I am jumping the gun a little bit but I was bored.