I hope the title doesn’t get anyone’s hopes up. I still have not received any shipping updates since the erroneous update a month ago stating mine had already shipped. And now the airplane factory says they will be closed from today, dec 15 until jan 3rd. ( understandable so, but wow. I wish I could take off 3 weeks for christmas) So I won’t be getting any new information anytime soon.

I want to share information that I researched about air freight. Instead of the standard two month long shipping by sea option. I looked into shipping , ( seems like the wrong word when a ship isn’t involved), it by air freight. Air freight would get it to me in 1 week versus 2 months (if I’m lucky) by water. Barry from Torrance sent me the dimensions of the crates that would need to be shipped for the quickbuild,

One box: 45 – 50kg (1581mm x 761mm x 201mm)

Second box: 200 – 220kg (4850 x 1600 x 700mm) 

Third box: 220 – 250kg (6000 x 1400 x 1300mm)

Fourth box: 65 – 75 kg (1261 x 1171 x 681mm)

Per DHL this would cost me $20,0000(usd) wow

Per R&L carriers this would cost me $27,000(usd) really wow !

Soooo,,, despite my complete and total lack of patience… Standard shipping it is. I do believe air freight for a non-quickbuild with much smaller boxes would be much cheaper.

Other random information that I acquired… A shipping container ship can go from the tip of africa to the east coast of the usa in 15-20 days. But most do not. The boat that my container will be on, will most likely go up the coast of africa stop several times along the coast of europe, stop in germany then cross the atlantic. Then it works its way down the east coast from port to port………Soo…. its gonna be awhile, months.