Here are some pictures of my workshop. I made my modified EAA table. Its 3′ wide and 8′ long. I also put lockable casters on the bottom so I can move it.

DRDT-2 ! As you can tell from the pictures, for my dimpler I did not create a separate stand. I created two little blocks at the same height as the drdt-2. This should allow me to slide things through the dimpler while keeping them level and supported.

Also pictured is the wing holder on casters.

For the fun part… The ship that will be bringing my Sling TSI from Hamburg is pictured below. It is a picture of the ship in Rotterdam from a webcam, 3 days before its suppose to pick up my container in Hamburg. The previous ship dropped it off in Hamburg and this ship is suppose to pick it up ( if the Ukraine war doesn’t delay it ) take it across the Atlantic, to New York, then to Norfolk.

current approx eta 3 week in march