Special thanks to the Sling builders group on Facebook. I asked a question about how to fix the gap between the aileron and the wingtip and a couple of kind people pointed me in the right direction. To that end, attached is a picture of the body work I did to reduce the size of that Gap. I used an aluminum back plate and epoxy to fill it in. I put the aluminum back plate between the composite wing tip and the aluminum rib and then riveted it fast. It was 11 mm apart, and now it’s just 5 mm apart.

So on to my next question now I’m working on the light cover on the wing and the directions are a little vague and I’m not entirely sure following them is the best way forward… How are people attaching their lens covers ??? Drilling extra holes to put rivets in there doesn’t seem to make sense because I feel like the rivets would create a bump or hold it away from the wing. I’m also worried about creating too many holes and having the cover or the aluminum border break.

But most importantly, how are you supposed to push it from behind outwards so you can screw the lense in ???

Apart from that everything is going well. When I received my kit I was missing the complete undercarriage kit,. And on top of the crates was a list of items that are back ordered. There are about 30 items that are backordered that did not ship with my crates. And so far I found about five or six other items that are just flat-out missing. So making forward progress has been a challenge because I have to keep jumping around to make progress wherever I can, not necessarily in a logical order. But so is life I guess.