Christmas came early. I went back and forth a lot about whether I should do the panel myself or have somebody else do it. Deciding factor was that I want the highest quality install I can get and no one else has more expertise at installing avoincs, in Slings specifically, than Midwest Panel Builders. I definitely have the skill set to muddle through it and I could have figured it out but it wouldn’t be to the same level of quality that they can do it. So this week they have been here all week doing the panel installation. Now that they have been here and are mostly done, I’m very glad I had them do it. The amount of OCD and particularity that they put into their wiring is just unparalleled.

A huge advantage to having them do it that hadnt previously considered is, because they were here for a week,,,being able to ask them endless questions and be annoying as humanly possible to them has been a great education that I would not have gotten otherwise. A lot of us kit builders more or less buildings silently in our garage by ourselves. Being able to talk to somebody else and have them look at what you’re actually doing for any length of time,,, the value of that cannot be overstated. Not to mention it was just a lot of fun.

I did make some doubling plates for the antennas and I wanted an alternate static air source so I made a mounting bracket for that. So that gave me something to do while they were doing the wiring.

I’m not completely happy with the location of the antennas. I would much rather prefer them to be on the center line of the plane. But with the parachute and main support going down the center that just is impossible. They ended up being to the side of the parachute.

As mentioned in a previous post, I am getting the dual g3x and gtn 650 with smart glide and g5 and co2 detector options.