This was an extremely stressful thing to do but also very rewarding. I got my little Sling TSI’s cowling fitted up and cut to the correct length. I used the whole painters tape trick to determine where to cut. It worked great. I did have to sand a lot down to make things perfect but the painters tape idea was a great starting point. I made sure to measure precisely that there was the correct amount of clearance around the propeller both front to back and up and down.

I put the top and lower pieces on the ground, clamp them together and worked my way back with cleco’s. After I knew where the cleco’s would go I removed them, attached it to the plane, and put them back on.

This whole plane build is being done entirely by myself without a second set of hands to help me. Mounting the cowling is one area that the manual specifically says to use a second set of hands. So I just pulled out ye good ole painter’s tape and used it to temporarily hold things in place and that worked great. That really allowed me to position the cowling exactly where it needed to be.