In an effort to alleviate center of gravity problems caused by the parachute option, I am designing my own custom battery box. According to my calculations my 35 lb battery combined with 20 lb ballast, hanging on the front of the gearbox, where the optional alternator can go, should help reduce the effects of the parachute option. I’m also removing the elevator weight.

As you can tell from the pictures I first created a cardboard template for the battery box. And then used some pretty thick aluminum sheeting to create the box. I must admit this is not the best work I have ever done. It might not be pretty but it’s definitely strong. The box does fit in the same location using the same holes as the stock battery box. This box does stick out further and hangs over the front of the engine mount by about half an inch but I don’t believe this will be a problem.

I really like the Earth x batteries, but I don’t want lightweight for this particular component. This particular battery has cca 540 and 42Ah. So it should perform really well also.