Last night I went to watch Top Gun 2. It was really great sometimes movies don’t live up to the hype but this did. Obviously, it isn’t realistic but it’s not really designed for that. It’s designed to be entertaining and it definitely is. I highly recommend it.

I was able to start on the front seat backs. Make sure not to rivet the ribs in the head of the seat to the side until you put the front plate on. It’s just one rivet there but I riveted the ribs to the side and then had to drill it out.

Thanks to some feedback I received I am not going to be doing holes in the seats to make it lighter. But that’s probably mostly due to laziness. I do believe you could shed a couple pounds if you put the effort in.

I can’t do the front seat bottoms because once again I’m missing parts. But I’m doing as much of the bottoms as possible.