When my kit arrived it was missing approximately 55 parts. As called out by the back order list on each crate per the factory. That has made making forward progress very challenging. So I find that I have to skip around a bit in order to keep myself busy. At this point I have one aileron and one flap done and the complete tail section complete. So I have moved on to some of the fuselage parts. I’ve included a picture of the rear seat backstops. This step seemed easy because it was only two parts but getting them to line up correctly and figuring out how to arrange them proved to be quite the challenge. These two parts took me 2 hours all by themselves. Ultimately I just needed to figure out how to orientate them and use a clamp to hold them in the correct spot.

I also worked on bending the luggage door. This was very stressful given that it was already attached by the hinge. This probably took another hour because I wanted to be very precise and not over bend it. In order to bend it, I taped a 2×4 halfway up and down the door to the fuselage. And then pushed simultaneously in above and below the 2×4 as not to stress the hinge. This only got me so far. I found that the top inch still needed to be bent in by itself to make a nice tight fit. To do this I got some 1/8 steel flat bar stock and pinched either side of the luggage door and bent it with a wrench.