Parachute is in !!

Now that I’m done shaking. The parachute is completely in the plane. There are at least two points where arming the rocket is pretty stressful. When you connect the hammer to the rocket and again when you connect the cable to the Hammer. But I got it complete without making a large boom ! I was worried about attaching the zip ties to hold the parachute case in place. But it was easy enough to get your arm in there to push the zip ties through the holes. It was a little tricky to get everything to fit in that space without pushing up on the cover. But it is doable. I don’t feel that I really need to give any instructions on how to do this because the Magnum instructions are extremely thorough and well-documented. The sling documents are okay. But you definitely want to follow the Magnum documents for arming the rocket. Because I was being thorough and a little nervous this did take about a solid day to accomplish which is about 8 hours longer than I thought it would have taken.

Fingers crossed. Let’s hope I never have to use this thing.


  1. Kelley Martin

    Hi Scott,

    Did you install additional foam other than what the kit comes with for the area around the parachute and where the cables come out of the canopy? Also, how did you determine the DAR that you went with for the inspection? Lastly, for transporting your plane what was the company and cost to do that if you don’t mind sharing?

    Thank you!


    • BuilderTSI

      I believe I used the same amount of foam but I put it in different areas and different thickness.
      I had a hard time finding a DAR.. still not sure I found one.
      The flatbed tow truck company charged $500 for 20 minutes drive. And he spent about two hours helping us pull it out and load it. Decent price I thought.

      • Kelley Martin

        Thank you sir! I am in Maryland so will probably have a similar challenge. Let me know if the DAR you “may” have found works out for you. I would greatly appreciate it.

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