I didn’t want anyone to think I haven’t been doing anything….

I painted the plane at my shop. It wasn’t a sterile paint booth. I did have three to five fans running with air filters to reduce the contaminants in the air. But still dust managed to get into my clear coat. So now I’ve spent the last two weeks sanding and polishing to make it smooth. It ended up using 3M compound and polish ing chemicals along with the DeWalt polisher and a Bosch hand sander. And it has been working really well but sadly it’s a lot of work. The one picture below, has dust on the right hand side and the left hand side has been polished. My process has been to wet sand with 1200 grit, then wet sand again with 1500 grit, then wet sand again with 2500 grit. Then polish with rubbing compound. Then polish with Polish.

End of this month I am supposed to get my propeller and my parachute. I should be able to look at those installed during the month of December. Then January I can move to the hangar and get it inspected. Hopefully. That might be a bit optimistic but I’ll try.