I am trying to prep for paint. But I am still missing some important parts so it is a challenge. I am missing my parachute, my propeller and a bunch of interior upholstery parts. Unfortunately it appears that none of these parts will be here soon. I had to cut my cowling on speculation. I did a lot of measuring. I cut it 25mm from the front of the engine flange. So let’s hope. And 63mm from the top and bottom from the flange angled out to the outer edge of the cowling.

I also did my wing fairings this week. The Sling TSI wing fairings we’re tricky to fit around the wing. I started by slipping it over the unbolted step, then over the front of the wing and under. I had to trim some of the wing fairing on the front. I cut it back about half an inch so it wouldnt push against the landing gear. I noticed on some other slings that the fairing didn’t always lay flat against the fuselage. So I put in some extra rivnuts/screws to make it lay flat.

This weekend I am having the plane painted at my place. It will be blue with black on the leading edge of the wings. I can’t help but to think that black on the wings will help prevent ice build up. Not sure how much it will help, but it can’t hurt.