Removable Co pilot stick

I frequently find myself traveling with passengers not other pilots. In the past I have tried to have some of my passengers attempt to fly the plane but they usually are resistant to that. And it seems like my co-pilot frequently puts an emphasis on comfort rather than being a co-pilot. So to that end I have made my co-pilot stick removable. I did not run any wires through it. I know I could have because I put the time into figuring out how to do that. I just felt like wires would make it more problematic. So I’m mounting a push to talk on the control panel. The stick itself is indexed at the bottom as you can see from the pictures. There’s a round notch so it always aligns the same way. The round notch that I filed into the bottom of the stick aligns with a large rivet that I put in the larger stick. The rivet also stops the smaller stick from going down in too far. Also there is a snap button that pops out so it can’t easily be removed once it is put in. The snap button was very easy to find on Amazon. The stick fits in tightly and feels very sturdy. I was able to just use all the original parts by drilling out the original stick.

Customizing the controls like this would worry me more but it doesn’t because the pilots stick , which has not been customized, can easily be reached from the passenger seat if need be.

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