So it was only a couple months ago that I completed my ailerons. I have since moved on and have been working on other things. Then the service bulletin about the rod ends came out. I was concerned I would have to tear apart my newly constructed ailerons. As it turns out, you do not have to tear them apart but it could be challenging. There is an access hole on the side of the aileron where you can look in and see the bolt that you need to remove. But being able to remove that bolt and push it back in precisely could be a challenge. So I added some magnets onto the end of a socket extension rod. That proved to be just strong enough to hold the bolt to push it in. But more importantly it proved to be strong enough that if I repeatedly attach the magnet and pulled it back, attach the magnet pulled it back over and over and over again it would pull the bolt out, which is the trickiest part. Findung a way to pull the bolt out is a challenge otherwise. I know they have magnetic sockets but they weren’t strong enough to pull the bolt out. So as you can see in the picture I attached a bunch of my own magnets and that seemed to work.

I can’t officially recommend a replacement rod end. But you can look online and find the one that comes with the aircraft and you can find replacement rod ends that are three times stronger. The cost about 40 bucks a piece but I think the additional strength will be worth it.