I watched my ship arrive at the port of Norfolk. It was scheduled for 4/19 but arrived on 4/12. A welcome surprise. Two days later I received a phone call asking when they could deliver my container. I said as soon as you can. They scheduled it for 4 days later at 10am. I was skeptical that they would not be late… but they made it here .

Myself, three very kind friends, and a forklift helped unload. Thanks be to Scott Johnson at TOA for telling me I would need #2 and #3 square bits to back out the 15 lbs of screws that they used to attach it. The surprise gift was the tremendous amount of beautiful lumber that was used to secure the shipment. I believe its mahagony. But whatever it is, it’s beautiful wood. By the time we backed out all the screws and unloaded we were all very tired. Unloading took just under 2 hours. Which I am told is the max time allowed without incurring additional charges.

It’s building time !!