I gave up waiting on Sling. My interior package is taking forever. I ordered the default gray and black with no special options thinking it would be quicker but I was sorely mistaken. So I have started doing my interior myself. Obviously this slows things down and takes a lot longer. But in the long run it will still be quicker than waiting on Slings interior.

I am putting my headphone jacks elsewhere in the aircraft. So this allowed me to lower the bottom of my center console an extra inch. So I will have more storage which is always a good thing. In the picture you can see the original holes and my new holes. I did verify that lowering the bottom doesn’t interfere with the flap actuator in any way. I also flipped the back panel upside down which allows for the inspection hole to stay in place so you can check that the flap actuator bolt is still in place.

You can see in the pictures my attempt at center console interior. Before and after.