Keen eyed observer’s might have noticed in the previous post that a part of the vertical stabilizer was missing. I contacted Torrance and that part and a couple others that are critical are currently in the process of being shipped to me.

So I started to work on the rudder. Luckily that had all of the parts included. I am putting my VOR antenna in my wing tip and I have three-point positional lights on the wings so I have no electronics in the rudder which will help with weight and balance. The wire and the antenna add up to about 1.5 lbs. Which admittedly is not much, but the arm is pretty dramatic so every little bit helps.

The rudder did not take long so I started to work on the wings. I’m using the quick build kit. So the wings did not come with the VOR antenna cable built in. So had to figure out how to wire that and secure it to a pre-built wing. For my wingtips I am using the whelen blaze. I found them to have the smallest profile which I hope means the lowest drag. But if you go with them, I caution you there is no simple way to mount them you’re going to have to get creative.

I have completed testing and attaching one fuel tank to one wing. Next I will be installing the VOR antenna and the wingtips.

items of interest… My kit is missing the access/inspection panels for the wings roots and the rivnuts to attach them . The wings were missing 300 counter suck rivets. Or at least I thought so. I couldn’t find them… As it turned out the 300 rivets were labeled with the rivnut label. So I’m not missing rivets, I was missing rivnuts. I’m embarrassed to say that took me about an hour to figure out.