Vertical Stabilizer and VOR wingtip

Thank you Torrance for getting me missing parts for my vert stab. As you can see I am only priming the surfaces that go against the skin. And the vert stab is now complete. It was really one of the easier parts to do.

Also including a mock-up of the VOR inside of the wingtip. I made a couple changes and mounted things permanently and now it is attached. The Archer VOR antenna says to put it between the wing tip and the wing. That doesn’t work for the sling wing. But my VOR antenna is grounded to the wing via five rivets and I feel confident they will make a decent enough connection. I did purchase the small VOR antenna but I would not have needed to there is plenty of room for the normal size one.

I’m also not doing the VOR antenna in the tail nor am I doing a strobe light in the tail. Instead I’m doing 3-point wingtip lights. I figured the absence of those will help the center of gravity a little bit.

At this point with my level of expertise at building slings… From a whole 3 weeks of experience now… Feel it is safe to say that the worst parts of building is removing the plastic from all of the parts, and a close second being filling rivet holes. I find the actual building parts very rewarding. But those two tasks require a lot of patience and that is something I am in short supply of.


  1. Eric

    Hey Scott,
    Eric here also building a TSI and looking to do the bob archer antenna. With the quick build how did you route the coax cable down the wing?

  2. Striker1976

    Good question. I fished it all the way through the wing with a long pipe. But then I could access the middle in two different locations because of the inspection hatches. So I secured it on both sides of the hatches via the hatches and on the ends of the wings. It a little hard to work with just one arm in the hatch but doable. So it’s secured 6 places throughout the wing.

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