Another day has gone into the past. I blew today by doing three tasks.

First, I flushed my fuel lines with FUEL. I know, I know , what a crazy concept. I previously tested them, to make sure there were no leaks, with water. But now that I was ready to complete the fuel lines, I didn’t want to connect the fuel lines to the engine with water still in the fuel lines. So I grabbed a high pressure self priming pump and pumped fuel through all of my fuel lines including the return lines. It was good because I got to test again that there are no leaks.

Second, I attached the aileron interconnect for the controls. This proved to be very challenging it’s very hard to get your fingers in there to put the bolt, washers and nut in place. I ended up putting the bolt through the opposite direction from what the instructions say but I think it’ll work fine. Functionally, there’s no difference. The bushing is still on the side required to act as a stop. Putting that stupid pushrod in took a very long time.

Thirdly, I replaced the air vents that come with the dash with the Aveo vents. Literally the easiest thing I have done to build this plane. It took me less than 5 minutes to do both of them.