i thought this would be an easy productive day. You’d think I would have learned by now… Nope

i started trying to attached the elevator. The day before I attached the horizontal stab, that was actually easy. When I picked up the elevator I realized that one side of it didn’t have the rivets filled. So I filled the rivets in the morning and lucky they dried quickly. I sanded them and went back to installing. I quickly realized that I would not believe able to install the washers for each oly as required. So instead of trying to wedge the washers in there with needle nose pliers, I glued them into the HS ahead of time. Don’t worry it’s crappy glue, it barely holds. As shown in the picture I put a bolt through and temporarily wedged a bolt/spacefiller in there to hold the washers tight as they dried. They held just long enough for me to slide the elevator in. Then I attached two bolts. But,, then I realized that I should adjust the length of the pushrod first. The secret to that is pushing the elevator all the way forward at some times and all the way back at other times so that you can get the bolt and wrenches in there… So I did that…skip ahead 2 hours… Then I started to reinstall the elevator. Had to reglue some washers because they broke loose. Then I started to reinstall the elevator again. All the bolts aligned miraculously very straight and went in easy. Even the elevator tips aligned with the HS. Definitely use a laser level to make sure that HS and elevator are straight. I think that is what helped. Anyway,,, another day into the past.