I was worried about my brake lines overheating. So I purchased this thermal wire protectant tube… It’s the same thing as exhaust wrap. But it comes already in a tube, kind of like a straw. I slid that over the bottom of my brake lines. Where they touch the caliper. The thought process here is it’ll keep the end of the brake lines from heating up and traveling up to the plastic brake line.

On my interior on the bottom under the dash against the console… Those panels screw on and off with button head screws. Because I have to take them on and off periodically to do maintenance, I didn’t want to have to try to find holes in carpeting. So I cut the carpeting into strips so where the screws are, carpeting is not. I think it still looks good because it’s under the dash and it’s dark down there so you can’t see it and it will make ongoing maintenance a whole lot easier.